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WE are just like YOU



Avinash and Sapna...Just like you, two individuals on the quest of life. We Endeavor to put our life experiences together and open up the Pandora's box for you to pick up all that which can take your happiness, peace, contentment, enthusiasm and purpose of life just a few notches higher. To know how we work with you, please click HERE.


Avinash Deoskar, a trekking enthusiast and lover of the Himalayas has an inexplicable Enchantment for nature.  And one thing that nature teaches you is that a vast expanse of beauty lies deep within the depths of life. 

Avinash is known widely for presenting a bouquet of services bringing together an amazing assortment of the rigours of adventure and the magic of nature to gently propel each participant towards self-exploration and higher aims for life. 

An executive member of the National Executive Council of the National adventure Foundation, Delhi, He has led 2300 km trek in 1986 from Kathmandu to Leh.

Visited Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Romania, Austria, Germany, Belgium USA and Honk Kong in connection with Adventure and experiential learning projects.

Specializes in Adventure based leadership projects.

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Dr. Sapna Sharma, a qualified surgeon who left the lucrative career of medicine to follow her heart to guide people in pain and confusion. 

She has 20 years of experience in one to one counseling for issues like Relationship problems, Parenting Challenges,  Career planning, Addiction & Co-addiction, Stress & Depression and much more. 

A motivational speaker par excellence Sapna has more than 2000 training and motivational sessions to her credit and is a published author of a book on parenting. Sapna writes regularly for print and electronic media and is a writer in much demand.

Well travelled, Sapna is also a popular online counselor for people based across  the globe. 

A former Mrs. India, Gem Counselor Awardee and equipped with education from around the world, Sapna is often seen surrounded by enthusiastic participants of her seminar who go back with a renewed confidence in themselves and equipped with tools to handle the life issues. 

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