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How many negativities are you living with? Let me enumerate the types of negativities that can be there around you and then take your pick.

  1. People who keep telling you ‘you can’t do it’.
  2. People who love to always talk about tragedies and problems.
  3. People who keep criticizing people, things or situations.
  4. People who diplomatically keep telling you how everything about you is wrong.
  5. People who keep talking about how everything is wrong about their country, Government, Society, system etc. and how nothing good can ever happen here.
  6. People who deliberately ignore you in a group and make faces or taunt you directly or indirectly.

There can be more categories but this pretty much summarizes it.

Unfortunately, most of these are people who are in our close association. Some who criticize us do it under the guise of love and some of these are often the ones we feel dependent on for some reason.

With due respect to your feelings for them, these people are harming you in much bigger way than you can think of. Some may not do it deliberately but it is harming you nonetheless.

Negative people often make us loose hope for a better life and future. The negative energies and the words have a very strong impact on us if we are not well insulated against these negativities.

How do we insulate ourselves?

You have two choices. And believe me, you always have a choice. If you are not exercising it, it is only because you do not wish to exercise your choice out of some fear or insecurity. But the choices are always there. Once you recognize these forces, depending on the extent of their negativity on you:

  1. You can simply drop such people- Don’t panic. You have a choice who you wish to be with. Either you can discuss with them that the association cannot continue in the given circumstances or suggest them the alternative that they can refrain from making all the unnecessary negative comments about you and others if they really value your association.
  2. Raise your self- esteem- Believe in yourself. Whatever you are and where ever you are, you are in the perfect place. You are nature’s unique creation. There is none like you. The other persons opinion is just that- their biased opinion. Once you know this and you can really respect yourself then you would be able to analyze the opinions of others and decide whether you need to change or just let the opinion go.

Love yourself. Respect yourself and don’t take any negative from anyone. 

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