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We have all known love and we have lived in the ecstasy of it for some time. And then we let it slip away. Slowly bit by bit. And yet, in those alone moments we still miss it. 

While we hop in search of success and happiness from job to job and achievement to another achievement, we inadvertently neglect the foundation of every success and that of happiness- namely LOVING RELATIONSHIP. It may be the kids or the work, the stresses, money or the in-laws, the reasons can be galore, but the victim is always the relationship- the intimate and the most important of them all. 

Then they tell us, "All relationships are the same". No need to accept the dullness in a relationship because people say, “It happens with everyone”

Let's talk about what matters to us the most.

  • Can ‘love’ re- enter an old marriage?
  • Is it possible to re-kindle physical intimacy?
  • Can we ensure that the passion of a new marriage continues ever after?
  • Can we make the “magic” last?
  • Is it possible to live a relationship of passion even after we have kids and even while living in an extended family?

The answer to all these questions is “YES”. How? That is why we are inviting you with your partner to this COUPLE’S RETREAT.

Find out the answers to your toughest questions while you get an opportunity to express your feelings. 

We have created this special retreat for the very special couple that is you. A place and ambience where you can forget the routine drudgeries for life and concentrate on what is really important.

What's Special and Different?

  • An ambience that is perfect for love and togetherness
  • Group sessions to know about common challenges
  • Personal time to reflect and retrospect
  • Couple time to explore, revisit and rekindle the love and passion
  • Activities to help you understand your companionship
  • A non-judgmental atmosphere easy discussion of most awkward and intimate concerns
  • Practical approaches to daily living and problem solving.
  • Lots of amazing memories for a lifetime

It doesn't matter what your age is or how long you have been together. Your marriage may be in troubled waters or you are looking for tools to overcome just a few glitches in everyday life. You may be perfectly happy together but again have a desire to add that punch back to life to take it all one more step up. This retreat is for you.

In the end, it is always you two. Everyone else would go their way but the lasting companionship is the one with your partner. For once leave the kids behind and forget about the work, boss, relatives and friends. Disappear into the amazing world of our COUPLE RETREAT








A Unique camp for Father- Daughter Bonding

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