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The Purpose

As we grow, the tiny inner voice grows louder and stronger. 

We noticed the same for us.

As we exchanged notes on life, plusses and minuses, grief and joys almost seemed to total out. But a lot had happened, and each of those happenings seemed to have a reason... almost a PURPOSE.

And what struck was- It was the same for both of us. The writing on the wall was loud-  We had to share what we had been blessed to learn over the years. Bring our experiences and expertise together and build something that would mean customized answers to many of life's important questions.


Under this venture, we promise to offer a variety of life-changing experiential learning programs for all in the most picturesque and serene location.

We also promise that all of these programs would be unique and something that you would cherish for a life time.

Our promise also extends to ensure all learning in a fun-filled yet reflective environment using tools to ensure:

  • Adventure
  • Peace
  • Introspection
  • Expert guidance
  • Self- learning and
  • Memories for life

WE WELCOME: Your suggestions on what are your challenges of life and what types of programs would be helpful to bring back  charm and enthusiasm into your life.


Avinash & Sapna